Douglas Crag

In the late afternoon in South Georgia’s Drygalski Fjord, the scenery of the surrounding mountains was stunning. The snow and ice on Douglas Crag far above us was breathtaking! We are planning to return to South Georgia with another LuminOdyssey in 2017.

Meet Gerald

Gerald is an Auckland Island Banded Dotterel (the endemic subspecies of the Banded Dotterel). I photographed him on New Zealand’s Enderby Island (part of the Auckland group) last December. I made this photograph with a Canon EOS 7D Mark II and a Sigma 120-300mm/2.8 lens while walking around the island. …

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A gulp of Shags

These Auckland Island Shags are a species endemic to the Auckland Islands, where I photographed this group last December. The difference in colour between the juveniles and adults is quite striking. A “gulp” is the collective noun for cormorants/shags. We will be returning to this location in December 2016 as …

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