Skua lookout

A Brown Skua waiting at the edge of a Royal Penguin Colony, watching for any chance of a meal. The Royal Penguins only nest around Australia’s Macquarie Island. This image was made last December: we’ll be returning to Macquarie Island in December 2016.

What a schnoz!

On the beach at South Georgia’s Gold Harbour, this adult male Southern Elephant Seal seemed to be sleeping in the sun. Actually it was awake, occasionally opening its eyes to check on its surroundings. This image was made during our 2010 Antarctic LuminOdyssey. In the background is the ship we were …

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Hunting Pipit

This Auckland Island Pipit was found hunting through the grass on New Zealand’s Enderby Island. It’s similar to the pipits we get here in Australia, although there are apparently calls to classify it has a separate species rather than as a subspecies. They’re quite bold birds: not as skittish as …

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