Returning to Antarctica!

Tropicbird on Ice

Talk about one for the ‘Bucket List’!! In January 2016 I (David Burren) and Michael Snedic are again teaming up to take a group of photographers on a 2-week adventure to Antarctica. We’ve prepared all the trip details, prices, etc but the last step is we need to check that we’re …

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Another Antarctic adventure

Our most-recent Antarctic LuminOdyssey (a photography workshop tour that went for almost a month!) was in 2011. We’ve been working on a return visit for a while, and this is just a heads-up to let you know that we’re planning a (shorter) trip to the White Continent for 2016. Further details should be …

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Moving landscapes

Dragon head (A2_008708) Can you see the sea-dragon rising from the deep? The eye, the teeth, the snout, the horns? It was taken on my first Antarctic voyage, and serves as an example of the constantly-changing scenery encountered from a moving ship. Let me describe… The scene (A2_008540) We were …

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