Green reflections

In Antarctica’s Paradise Harbour we found some wonderfully calm water around these icebergs. Greens and blues are often prominent in the Antarctic landscape. Although they’re not the only ones we find, they’re fascinating in their richness.

Another sleeping Crabeater

Some of these Crabeater Seals are white, some brownish, some grey. This one was doing its best to ignore us as we drifted nearby in our Zodiac. Taken near Danco Island in Anarctica’s Errera Channel during our 2016 Antarctic photo workshop. Click on the image for a larger version.

First blue

After days of overcast grey light, this particular afternoon (as we travelled through Antarctica’s Neumayer Channel during our 2016 Antarctic LuminOdyssey) the skies started to clear, and most people were busy out on deck awestruck by this new view of the landscape’s beauty. This is a multi-frame panorama taken with …

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