Pelican over Lake Nakuru

Kenya’s Lake Nakuru supports lots of wildlife around its edges. This Pelican was about to land on a nearby sandbank, and soared majestically over hundreds of other birds. Under the morning sun the colours were very muted. This image was made during our 2011 African LuminOdyssey.

Chobe sunset

At the end of a long day, having photographed these elephants crossing the water as dusk approached, the sunset colours were magical! This was taken during our 2013 Botswana LuminOdyssey.

Committee meeting

Yesterday’s “gulp of shags” made me think about collective nouns. Vultures are an interesting example, with lots of different ones (e.g. wake, jury, vortex) depending on what the birds are doing. A simpler collective noun is a “committee” of vultures. It looks like someone interrupted the meeting! These White-backed Vultures were …

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