One-on-One Photography Tuition

With the Rockhoppers in the FalklandsAs well as teaching groups of photographers in workshops, classes, and seminars (including four years of teaching tertiary college classes), David has provided one-on-one tuition to many photographers, and is always happy to talk to new clients.


Topics David can provide tuition in include (but are not limited to):

  • General camera skills, use of filters, exposure management (including the use of Manual), flash use,
  • Critique of your images,
  • Controlling the Canon auto-focus systems (in all EOS models),
  • Tilt-shift lenses, telephoto lens techniques, macro photography,
  • Infrared photography,
  • Exposure management (including the use of Manual), flash use,
  • Tripod/monopod techniques,
  • Software use: including Photoshop and Lightroom (David is an Adobe Certified Expert),
  • Colour Management (profiling monitors, projectors, scanners, printers, and even cameras),
  • Calibration of auto-focus in camera bodies (and in Sigma lenses), lens profiling for Photoshop/Lightroom.

David uses mainly Canon cameras and OS X computers in his own work, but is well-versed in the use of other makes. Don’t hesitate to ask about anything not on that list: if it turns out David doesn’t know about it, he’ll tell you straight-up. He even works in studio environments and with medium-format cameras, so don’t assume he only photographs in the remote outdoors!


As well as helping you develop your skills and use the equipment you have, David has helped many photographers make equipment choices and in fact purchases when looking to add/change photographic tools. This has included cameras, lenses, support gear (including tripods), camera bags, memory cards, OS X and Windows computers, card readers. Pretty-much anything photography-related.

Having an expert to double-check your own choices against and often suggest better alternatives (preferably before you spend your hard-earned money on the wrong gear) is very valuable.


We usually conduct these sessions in half-day (or evening) or all-day sessions. The cost?

Half-day tuition: AU$440
Full-day (up to ): AU$660

That’s for one client. If you have a friend you’d like to share the tuition with and split the costs, we can deal with that. With two people it’s AU$330 each for a half-day and AU$400 for a full day.

Larger groups of clients/students usually involves a different teaching structure. Group classes and workshops on any of the above topics are of course available: David will be happy to discuss your needs!

These prices are for at locations around Melbourne. Consultations further-afield usually just involve an additional travel costs (although in some cases we’ve been able to dovetail it with existing travel plans which can save everyone money.

Whatever you would like to learn about, David will work with you beforehand to determine how much time will give you value. So just get in touch with us via this site’s contact form and we’ll start discussing the options.

It may sound corny, but gift vouchers are also available if you’d like to arrange this for a friend or loved one.

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