Purchasing from B&H

B&H are a huge photography retailer in New York who have a large mail-order photography business which ships around the world. I often use them for purchasing items not available on the Australian market. If your total purchase is below AU$1000 in value then currently GST is not charged on them as they enter Australia, which can also add to the price advantage.

Note that I do recommend purchasing many items such as camera bodies and lenses locally in Australia, as this makes warranty issues a lot easier to deal with. Supporting local retailers is always a good thing too: I would hate to find all our local retailers disappearing! A lot of the time B&H’s value is in obtaining items not generally stocked in Australia.

If you are going to purchase something from B&H, whether it’s something I’ve recommended or something you’ve found for yourself, I ask you to do me a favour. Before you make your purchase, click on this link to register David Burren Photography as the referring affiliate. Then go ahead and complete your transaction.

This won’t cost you anything, but will help me with a trickle of commission. Thanks!

— David

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