APPA 2017 results!

I’m very happy to report that this weekend one of my prints received a Gold Award at this year’s Australian Professional Photography Awards! Two others received Silver Awards. The awarded images: The Gold winner is an image of a jellyfish we encountered on the Russian Far East photography workshop expedition …

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Fixing the time

When photographers set the time in their cameras there’s a step they often miss. This topic keeps coming up again and again when helping folks on workshops, so I figured it would be worth spelling it out here. Before you update the camera’s time, take a photo of an accurate and precise …

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Macquarie Island closing!


The Australian Antarctic Division has announced this week that they’re going to close the research base on Macquarie Island by March 2017. The ANTARE base there has been operated continuously by Australia since 1948, but that era is now closing. So this means that this summer is your last chance to …

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