It’s bigger below

As we drifted up close to this iceberg during our 2010 Antarctic LuminOdyssey, the scene below the water was even more stunning than above. This scene was so wide that the 24-105mm lens I had on my EOS 5D MkII wasn’t wide enough, and I had to take several pictures …

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Satin Bowerbird

Last week I was able to spend a day visiting Lamington National Park with my friend Michael Snedic, where we found and photographed this male Satin Bowerbird. The bower was set back around 8m into the forest from where I was standing, and I was positioned with 300mm lens peering …

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Afternoon light

Standing on Galindez Island (near the Ukrainian “Vernadsky” research station) during our 2011 Antarctic LuminOdyssey, we tried our hands at some panoramas. In late March the sunsets arrive quite early: this was late afternoon.

The Sound of Music

Looking out across Schynige Platte towards the Jungfrau in summer, this panorama is a little different to my usual subjects. It’s common for viewers of this photo to start talking about singing in the fields, even before they know where the photo was taken.

Where to point the camera?

Whether the skies are grey or blue, there’s always plenty to see in Antarctica. Whether it’s the wide view or a telephoto crop, there are interesting compositions everywhere. Sometimes so much that people don’t know where to point their cameras! Then throw in the fact that we’re often on a …

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