APPA 2017 results!

I’m very happy to report that this weekend one of my prints received a Gold Award at this year’s Australian Professional Photography Awards! Two others received Silver Awards.

The awarded images:


The Gold winner is an image of a jellyfish we encountered on the Russian Far East photography workshop expedition I conducted in June with my friend Michael Snedic. It was photographed from above as it floated at the water’s surface, using a Canon EOS 5DsR combined with a Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary lens. I printed this one on a metallic gloss paper to help highlight all the bubbles.

The jellyfish weren’t the subject we were looking for, and although a number of us on deck looked at and talked about them as we went past, it turned out that not many people actually took photos of them! Focussing was tricky, as the ship didn’t slow down for them. The animal everyone was looking for at the time was the Ribbon Seal:


Ribbon Seal on the ice, with a low-flying Steller’s Sea Eagle overhead


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