Freestyle Libre reader case

Another diabetes-related gadget. I often use the Freestyle Libre system for monitoring my glucose levels. But that’s not the gadget I’m talking about. The Libre has a sensor that’s attached to my arm for two weeks, and a reader that downloads from that sensor via NFC when it’s waved over it. Third-party silicone covers for the reader are available, but they don’t offer anything useful for me.

The sensor itself is waterproof. It’s rated for being under a metre of water for up to half an hour, and I leave it on when swimming and showering (although I do now put reinforcing tape around the edge to help it stay on for a fortnight). I’ve even worn it in the Arctic when jumping into near-freezing water for a “polar plunge”: the sensor just kept working.

But the reader is not waterproof. So I place it inside a waterproof pouch intended for a mobile phone. This is today’s simple “gadget”!

This way I can test my sugar levels no matter how wet or dirty my hands are. I just grab the reader in its pouch, press the button then wave it over my arm (it will read through the layers of clothing). I keep the reader in an accessible pocket, which sometimes means it will get wet from rain: no problem. The front of the pouch is transparent TPU, so I can clearly see where the reader’s button is and clearly read the display.

I used to have a Sea to Summit pouch for the Libre reader, but it’s presumably still somewhere in the deserts of Qatar. I got the Ortlieb pouch for the replacement reader. Neither pouch is a perfect fit, being designed for larger devices. But the extra pouch area just folds over.

I do have to remove the reader from the pouch whenever I’m plugging it into USB to recharge the battery (and to download the data) but that’s at most monthly so far. The reader can also act as a regular blood glucose monitor using test strips, but I prefer to use my Accu-chek Mobile meter for this (no test strips/lancets to manage) so don’t mind keeping the Libre reader sealed up. I do now also keep a Tile tracker inside the pouch with the reader, which should reduce issues with losing it!

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