Galapagos of the Southern Ocean video

Royal Penguin colony

Royal Penguin colony, Macquarie Island

We (myself and Michael Snedic) are conducting a nature photography workshop on an expedition to Macquarie Island this coming December, and we’re working with Heritage Expeditions who operate the ship we use. I was on this expedition last year, and had the pleasure of working alongside Brian Deane and Paddy Jordan who were doing some filming for Heritage. One of the results of this (“Galapagos of the Southern Ocean”) has now been published online.


It’s in a travel film competition, so please go and do Brian a favour: watch it then hit the ‘Like’ button underneath the video. Incidentally, the day-glo back of my head makes a cameo around the 2:20 mark…

We have room for a few more photographers to join us in December so if the video inspires you at all, please drop me a line via the form on the workshop page. It’s going to be another amazing adventure full of wildlife and landscapes, with myself and Michael along to guide you through making the photographic best of it! Remember, to get access to our photography program you need to book as part of our group (even though we’ve even managed to set things up so it doesn’t cost you any extra!).

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