Photo adventure to Subantarctic islands


The Subantarctic islands are those just north of the Antarctic Convergence, and the mixing of warm and cold ocean waters results in lots of bio-productivity. These islands are home to amazing numbers of birds (notably penguins and albatrosses, but there are many more!), seals, and some of them are also home to unique plants such as megaherbs. Of course the whales in the surrounding waters don’t come ashore.

mapIn the South Atlantic Ocean one well-known subantarctic island is South Georgia, which is well known as a mecca for wildlife photography. In late 2010 we took a group of photographers to South Georgia on our way to the Antarctic Peninsula. In the South Pacific (south of New Zealand) there are a number of islands administered by NZ, and the iconic Macquarie Island (administered by Australia, or more-specifically Tasmania). Described by some as The Galapagos of the South Pacific, Macquarie Island is an amazing destination in its own right!

In December 2016, in partnership with my friend Michael Snedic I will be taking up to 18 photographers on a photo workshop adventure from New Zealand, travelling to The Snares, the Auckland Islands, Macquarie Island, and Campbell Island. It’s going to be an amazing adventure! Head over to to check out the details. And for our Australian clients, it’s a lot easier to get to New Zealand than to South America (e.g. our January 2016 Antarctic trip departs from Ushuaia)!

Wandering Albatross chick

Incidentally I will be travelling to the same islands in December 2015 although not running a photo workshop.

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