Award surprise!

Alert relaxation

I had a nice surprise yesterday! VAPS (the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies) has awarded me their Service Award, giving me some more letters (“SSVAPS”) to put after my name.

To quote the official paperwork, “The award of SSVAPS is given for exceptional service to photography, the growth of and the advancement of the photographic art, in or through VAPS-affiliated Camera Clubs in the State of Victoria”.

The citation that goes with the award has a litany of things I’ve been involved in over the last decade, including providing image critiques and workshops for many photographic groups, being involved in my “local” (Knox Photographic Society) for many years, as well as my involvement in the APS (Australian Photographic Society).

I had no idea this was happening. Actually it turns out that the awards were made last weekend at the annual VAPS convention in Bendigo, and because I wasn’t there (I was actually away doing reconnaissance for another nature photography workshop!) it took a few days for them to catch up with me and make the presentation.


It’s good to get nice news like this. May has been an “interesting” month. My June photographic expedition to the Russian Far East had to be rescheduled due to bureaucratic permit issues, which was disappointing. But at the same time other work has come up to replace it. In 2015 I’ve been a Finalist in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition (in the UK). Now I’m wondering what the next bit of news will be! 🙂

I hope all your news is good news!


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