Another Antarctic adventure

Our most-recent Antarctic LuminOdyssey (a photography workshop tour that went for almost a month!) was in 2011. We’ve been working on a return visit for a while, and this is just a heads-up to let you know that we’re planning a (shorter) trip to the White Continent for 2016. Further details should be available soon, but I can tell you it’s a quite different itinerary to our previous Antarctic trips, and I suspect many people will be interested.

We’ve been blown away by the interest in the 2015 Lord Howe Island workshop we’re running with Michael Snedic, where the pre-announcement expression-of-interest waitlist grew very quickly (more news about Lord Howe Island soon). The folks on the waitlists get first chance to make bookings when these trips open.

If you might at all be interested in Antarctica you should contact LuminOdyssey ASAP, either via our contact form (or sending a message via our Facebook page) so you can be ahead of the rush. More news soon!

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