2014: the year that was

Late Spring in Biei

Late Spring in Biei

2014 seemed like a fairly quiet year but looking back from the end of it, it’s been a good year.

No international photography workshops this year, but I did end up travelling with Jane to Hong Kong in January, and Hokkaido then Tokyo in May/June. Hokkaido in particular is calling me to return for more photography!

Tokyo skyline

Shinjuku skyline

In the 2014 APPAs (the AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards) two of my images in the Science/Nature/Environment category achieved Silver awards. Earlier in the year I also received four Silvers in the Victorian PPAs (again in Science/Nature/Environment).

Helmeted Honeyeater

Helmeted Honeyeater – Victoria’s endangered State Bird

Tiny mycena

Tiny mycena fungus

The 11th ANZANG nature photography competition saw one of my images from our 2010 Antarctic Odyssey as the runner-up in the Animal Habitat category.

Lonely Gentoo Penguin

Lonely Gentoo Penguin

Four of my earlier ANZANG photographs were also featured in the 10-year anniversary book Wild Australasia, published by Australian Geographic.

Wild Australasia book

Momentum has been building on a few projects this year. The teaching and consulting continues, along with supply of projectors (primarily to photographic clubs). Having overhauled our printer and producing more large prints, we now provide a fine-art printing service to several local photographers. A new infrared project, preparing new materials and associated ebooks for 2015 classes (but more on those later). Behind the scenes this year we did some restructuring, of which the main external sign is just a new Australian Business Number. The updated and merged David Burren Photography / Khromagery / LuminOdyssey website has finally come to pass, and continues to be refined.

I have begun a collaboration with my friend Michael Snedic on several new photography workshops for 2015/2016. Even over the “quiet” Christmas holiday period we’ve been overwhelmed by the interest in our 2015 Lord Howe Island workshop!

Tropicbird from above

The photography equipment market has continued to slowly evolve (despite many commentators saying that this year’s Photokina was “boring”), with new cameras and lenses continually hitting the market. I added an EOS 7D MkII to my own kit at the end of October, and I must admit it was a bit of a shake-up starting to use an APS-C camera intensively again after more than 2 years of full-frame-only!

Caspian Tern antics (7D MkII)

We have some ebooks and other projects which haven’t quite made it into 2014, but that just means we have more exciting things to share with you in 2015! Here’s to an amazing year to come!

David on Lord Howe Island. Image courtesy Kim Wormald

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