Ice and mist, Svalbard

Kittiwakes in the mist (A2_086917)

This image was made during this July’s LuminOdyssey photography expedition to Svalbard.

I made this image while standing on the deck of our ship while we prepared to board our Zodiacs to explore the glacier in this fjord up close. Fog was flowing down off a nearby mountain and across the glacier, and made a stark backdrop to the foreground. The kittiwakes (small gulls) perched on the ice are just a tiny detail, with the mountain showing through the back-lit mist on the left. Tiny details stand out in a large print, while unfortunately a small JPEG on the web only lets us see the overall image design. Hopefully it works on both levels.

Made with an EOS 5DmkII and 24-105mm/4 lens (zoomed to 105mm to get this framing) at ISO 100, I was able to capture this at 1/800s @ f/8. Shooting in manual exposure and having fixed my exposure for some panoramas across the glacier, I knew the exposure was going to be close to correct for this bright scene. And on reviewing the histogram it was: I have not had to tweak even the Exposure slider inside Lightroom.

This is one of those simple compositions that are partly an experiment. But I think I like the result.

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