False-colour Infrared Photoshop action on Photoshop Exchange

Just a quick note: the Photoshop action I wrote some years ago for processing images from IR-modified cameras has been made available through Adobe’s Photoshop Exchange. It’s always been available for free download: this is just a new location for it.
Adobe’s Exchange program was restructured a while back, and in 2016 this action can’t be found there. See the March 2016 article on this blog to find it.
Note that the action is NOT intended to produce “IR-like” images from normal photos. You’ll need an IR-modified camera with an IR filter that passes wavelengths longer than 750nm or so.
I personally don’t use the action much any more, since I tuned Lightroom and Adobe’s Camera Raw to optimise these IR images. But it’s still occasionally useful even when working from RAW files.


Infrared acacia, Serengeti (F1_50C6)

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