1. hmm. good perspective. I was just wondering what to put in these fields as all of them seem to mean the same thing in english.. In stock-photo-publishese it looks to be different. Thanks.

  2. Very helpful. Thank you. I’m interested in whether you can export metadata, in particular, the Title and Description to a database, such as Access or even an *.xls file.

  3. James, you should look at Timothy Armes’ LR/Transporter Lightroom plug-in!

  4. Thanks for posting this, I’ve been looking for a credible source to figure out what metadata is needed. The difference between “Title” and “Headline” was actually what I was looking for in particular. Thanks again.

  5. Thanks for the informative post. The Usual Suspects panel seems helpful as the Headline field is one of the basic fields I usually set for photos published.

    Lightroom has a very nice interface for doing mass development on raw images, and it would be nice if I could switch to it, if it were also more useful in organizing photos (at the present I’m using Photoshop and ACDsee Pro).

    Currently there is still the problem of viewing and browsing photos in the Library though — any idea how to show the Headline in the header labels in the Grid view or the header overlays in Loupe view? Those only seem to offer a restricted set of fields to show…

  6. Sure. In the Grid view, press J enough times to get to Expanded cells (or go to the View menu and select View Options where you can choose Expanded). With Expanded cells you get 4 fields at the top of each cell. I tend to have filename and filetype on the right all the time, and change the left ones as the mood takes me. It’s easy to set one of them to Headline.

    The info overlays in the Loupe view are indeed somewhat limited.

  7. I know about Expanded Cells, but I only see a limited set of fields to choose from in the menu (right clicking on one of the titles in the expanded view) — the same fields that are available for the overlays in Grid view.

    Do you have a Headline option in that menu? What version of Lightroom do you have?

  8. Unfortunately you’re right, there’s no Headline option. Sorry, I skimmed over that without checking last time.
    I’m always using the latest version of Lightroom, although I’m sometimes also using the previous version for some of my students.

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