Since 2010 LuminOdyssey has been conducting photography expeditions to locations around the world.Cruising an iceberg field in Zodiacs

Locations we have so far taken photographers to include: Antarctica, South Georgia, the Falklands, Argentina, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Norway (including Svalbard) as well as some locations around Australia (including Lord Howe Island). These are all hot-spots for wildlife (and landscape) photography. Some of these we will revisit on future expeditions, but there are always more places photographers want to go! The trips include getting you to wonderful locations for making photographs, helping you use your equipment in the field as well as processing and managing your digital images during the trips.

Depending on the group size we usually have one or two instructors/leaders (usually including our coordinating instructor David Burren). Instructors on past odysseys have included Glenn Guy and Martin Bailey. Some of our 2015 and 2016 odysseys are being conducted in partnership with Michael Snedic.

Lord Howe Island Birds & Nature Photography Odyssey

This is a 1-week photography workshop on Lord Howe Island in early October 2015. It will be run by Michael and David together, with only 10 participants so you’ll get plenty of time with both of us. We have each been to the island multiple times. The itinerary is slightly different to Michael’s “Lord Howe Island Experience” workshops of previous years.

Antarctica in 2016

Keep watching this space (and the blog) for details…

David on Lord Howe Island


Michael Snedic


Photos from past Odysseys