Heading back to Antarctica

South Georgia

As we mentioned on Facebook/etc in February, we’re going back to Antarctica with another group of photographers in late 2017. We’ve been working on the plans ever since we came back from our January Antarctica photo workshop. In December 2016 we’re heading back to subantarctic islands (south of New Zealand) …

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Japan 2017!


Michael Snedic and I are teaming up again, this time for a photo expedition with a difference. Instead of an expedition into the wilderness we will be taking 14 photographers on a photographic tour around southern Japan in September 2017. We’ve designed the tour to provide exciting photographic opportunities and …

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It’s bigger below

The undersides of icebergs are facscinating!

As we drifted up close to this iceberg during our 2010 Antarctic LuminOdyssey, the scene below the water was even more stunning than above. This scene was so wide that the 24-105mm lens I had on my EOS 5D MkII wasn’t wide enough, and I had to take several pictures …

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Satin Bowerbird

Tending his bower

Last week I was able to spend a day visiting Lamington National Park with my friend Michael Snedic, where we found and photographed this male Satin Bowerbird. The bower was set back around 8m into the forest from where I was standing, and I was positioned with 300mm lens peering …

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